Speakers and workshop holders

Our incredible line-up for ColdFront 2018 consisting of international world-class speakers and workshop holders.

  • Sara Soueidan

    Sara Soueidan is a Lebanese freelance front-end web developer working with companies across the globe, building clean, responsive front-ends for Web sites and applications focused on accessibility, progressive enhancement and performance.

    Sara will cover future of real-world CSS.

  • Brent Vatne

    Developer at Expo, core contributor to React Native, and project lead on React Navigation. Spare time is spent traveling and playing with #lucythetri.

    Brent will cover future of Expo and React Native.

  • Shirley Wu

    Shirley Wu is a freelance software engineer specializing in data visualization. She combines her love of art, math, and code into colorful, interactive data visualizations.

    Shirley will cover future of web visualizations.

  • Myles Borins

    Myles Borins is a developer, musician, artist, and maker. They work for Google as a developer advocate serving the Node.js ecosystem. Myles cares about the open web and healthy communities

    Myles will cover future of open web standards.

  • Sarah Drasner

    Sarah Drasner is an award-winning Speaker, Senior Developer Advocate at Microsoft, and Staff Writer at CSS-Tricks. Sarah is also the co-founder of Web Animation Workshops, with Val Head

    Sarah will cover future of ethics for developers.

  • Michael Thomsen

    Michael Thomsen is a product manager at Google working on the Dart programming language, and Flutter, Google’s mobile UI framework to craft high-quality interfaces for iOS and Android

    Michael will cover future of cross-platform native apps.

  • Mina Markham

    Mina Markham is a Senior Engineer at Slack. She’s a lover of design systems and prolific public speaker, appearing at events worldwide, including CSS Dev Conf, Fluent, and Future of Web Design. Mina also co-organizes Front Porch Conference.

    Mina will cover future of doing good as a developer.

  • Harry Roberts

    Harry Roberts is a consultant Front-end Architect: @@google, @UN, @Etsy, @kickstarter, @BBC, @Unileve, @Deloitte,and more • Speaker • Author: @cssguidelines

    Harry will cover future of web performance.

  • Vitaly Friedman

    Vitaly Friedman is the author, co-author and editor of all Smashing books. He currently works developing the new Smashing Memberships around the globe!

    Vitaly will cover future adventures in front-end.

  • Mathias Buus

    Mathias Buus is a self taught JavaScript hacker from Copenhagen that has been working with Node.js since the 0.2 days. Mathias likes to work with P2P and distributed systems and is the author of more than 650 modules on npm, including some of the most popular ones for working with streams. In addition he has spoken about mad science projects at various conferences around the world.

    Mathias will cover workshop on Madscience with JavaScript.

  • Thomas Watson

    Thomas Watson is a computer programmer, public speaker, and open source hacker. He works on Application Performance Monitoring at Elastic, the company behind Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Logstash. Thomas has published hundreds of Node modules> and mad science projects, he is a Node.js Core member, and a part of the Node.js Diagnostics Working Group at the Node.js Foundation.

    Thomas will cover workshop on Madscience with JavaScript.

  • Maximiliano Firtman

    Maximiliano Firtman (@firt) is a mobile and web developer, trainer, speaker, and author. Max teaches mobile HTML5, PWAs and performance trainings for top companies around the world. The founder of ITMaster Academy, Max is a well-known professional in the mobile web community with dozens of articles and online courses published. He has authored many books, including Programming the Mobile Web and High Performance Mobile Web, published by O’Reilly Media. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and many other events around the world.

    Maximiliano will cover workshop on Progressive Web Apps.

  • Tony Beltramelli

    Tony is the CEO and Co-Founder of Uizard. His work on the application of Deep Learning has been recognized globally and featured in international media

    Tony will cover interactive session using machine learning to convert design to code.

  • Charlie Gerard

    Charlie is a software developer at ThoughtWorks in Sydney. She is passionate about creative coding, hardware and spends her free time experimenting with technology to create interactive prototypes. She also spends time giving back to the community by mentoring new developers, contributing to open-source projects and speaking at events.

    Charlie will cover future of emotive interfaces.

  • Henrik Haugbølle

    Henrik is the CTO and Co-Founder of Uizard. With a passion for startups, frontend, and JavaScript he's often encountered as an active part of the Danish JS community.

    Henrik will cover interactive session using machine learning to convert design to code.