The future of front-end and interfaces

NOV 13-14-15 2018 in Copenhagen

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A holistic conference about the future outlook for front-end and interfaces in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Why we are making this conference?

Speakers, talks, workshops, and themes

ColdFront is about the future, so we have asked each of our amazing speakers and workshop holders to share their perspective on what the future brings for their area and theme.

We can't wait. It's gonna be amazing.

  • Sara Soueidan

    will cover future of real-world CSS.

  • Brent Vatne

    will cover future of Expo and React Native.

  • Shirley Wu

    will cover future of web visualizations.

  • Myles Borins

    will cover future of open web standards.

  • Sarah Drasner

    will cover future of ethics for developers.

  • Michael Thomsen

    will cover future of cross-platform native apps.

  • Mina Markham

    will cover future of doing good as a developer.

  • Harry Roberts

    will cover future of web performance.

  • Vitaly Friedman

    will cover future adventures in front-end.

  • Mathias Buus

    will cover workshop on Madscience with JavaScript.

  • Thomas Watson

    will cover workshop on Madscience with JavaScript.

  • Maximiliano Firtman

    will cover workshop on Progressive Web Apps.

  • Tony Beltramelli

    will cover interactive session teaching Machines to Understand User Interfaces.

  • Your Host

    Phil Hawksworth
    - Developer Relations at @Netlify

    Phil Hawksworth will be your host and take you through the ColdFront experience. Phil spoke at the very first ColdFront, and has since hosted many of our favorite conferences around the world. We are luckiy to have him!

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