Call for Recommendations

We are inviting the front-end community to submit recommendations for the upcoming ColdFront 2018 in November 13-14-15th Copenhagen.

ColdFront is a curated single-track conference, where the content is carefully curated by the organizers of ColdFront. This makes ColdFront different than most other conferences, as we don't have a regular CFP (Call for Proposals).

Instead we are inviting the front-end community to submit recommendations via our Call for Recommendations where you can propose great content, topics for the upcoming ColdFront 2018 (November 13-14-15th, Copenhagen).

This Call for Recommendations closes on May 1st 2018.

Our Call For Recommendations has ended.

What not a Call for Proposals?

CFP's are great, but we think it can be done better through peer validation by having the community recommendating other peoples content instead of pitching their own. We want to hear about that amazing talk you saw at a meetup, that cool new project that's still under the rader, or that amazingly speaker you heard at another conference.

Each year we do our best to select the best content for ColdFront, and we know we aren't perfect, and this is the reason for why we are opening this Call for Recommendations as a way for you to help shape and influence ColdFront 2018

What makes a good recommendation?

At ColdFront we have a very specific format and set of principles that guides our curation, so a good recommendation would first of all follow these. Your recommendation can also be something less tangible such as theme or topic you'd love to see covered at ColdFront 2018.

  • Topics and themes such as "devtools" or "web assembly"
  • Specific talks from other conferences and meetups
  • Speaker recommendations who you'll think will be a great fit for ColdFront
  • Artist and entertainment recommendations